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  • A lifetime solution
  • Software
  • integration
  • Integrated reservations
  • system
  • Real-time
  • Mapping Facility
  • Complete pricing & billing control
  • Flexible reporting
  • Excellent support
  • Communicating with Customers
  • Multiple site management

Integrated Reservations System

Space Manager makes reservations simple for your customer.  

It equips your website with the ability to show in real time  

  • availability
  • unit details – size, pricing plus promotional discounts and deals
  • location mapping

Full integration enables on-line reservation and credit card deposits.  

Sales pack materials can be pre-ordered, saving staff valuable time.  

Once reserved, from end to end, Space Manager keeps your customer records in one place, making it easy to search and classify them.  

Pictures from webcams, letters, notes and other scans are all attached as part of the record, giving you a simple single source. What’s more, you can integrate customer records with the calendar, so appointments and diary items can be collected and accessed at a stroke.  

[Text Box: Visual of typical customer record]



Interactive Multiple Mapping

[Text Box: Show screengrabs of maps]

Space Manager’s unique Interactive Multiple Mapping System is linked to the database in real time, so you can constantly manage or report on sites with ease.  

At a glance, see each unit’s details and history including:  

  • occupancy
  • move-in/out frequency
  • turnover
  • profitability
  • popularity

You can even right-click on a unit to reserve or rent it.  

We supply the bit that gets the info, you lay your units on top of your design and Space Manager’s in-built designer does the rest.  

Create your own set of customised maps – you decide what you want to see and how it’s visualised. Switching between maps couldn’t be easier too.  

[Text Box: Show screengrabs of maps]
[Text Box: Show screengrabs of maps]


Multiple site management

[Text Box: graphic to show multiple site management]

Space Manager wants to help your business grow, so we don’t believe in restricting the number of sites you can manage.  

Space Manager allows you to link multiple sites into a single, fully-integrated, centrally-managed system, helping you maximise efficiency while improving the service you can offer your customers.  

Generate calendars or reports either for each site or for the entire organisation.  

And whether it’s invoice printing or BACS processing, you can keep costs right down and free up your staff to build the business.  


Sales Pack Management

Do you sell sales packs? We understand that managing them can be a whole different ball-game.  

Space Manager takes the pain out of Sales Pack Management.  

Increase efficiency with effective inventory control, increase sales volume using sophisticated multiple-purchase discounts, and make ordering online easy for your customers.  

These are just a few of the many ways Space Manager can help you make more from your Sales Packs. Contact us to find out more.  


Complete pricing & billing control

Control your business  

With Space Manager, you know where you stand with your business and your data.  

For example, bill your customer in multiples of days, weeks or months. Discounts can be set as fixed rates or percentages. Discount periods can be pre-set to revert automatically (or to re-set if the customer breaks the contract).  

Now you can really get a grip on pricing – accurately tailoring your rental increases to customer type, duration or usage.  

It’s practical tools like these, developed over many years, that have enabled our clients to operate seamlessly, and focus on their customers and colleagues. We’re proud of the productivity improvements our clients have achieved – and the tangible success they report in developing customer and internal relations.  

[Text Box: Testimonial. Gist of message should be ‘our profitability shot up because Space Manager enabled us to increase occupancy as well as letting our staff get on with more important things than chasing payments and other routine stuff' etc.]



Flexible reporting

Flexible reporting  

It’s your data and your business. You decide which key performance indicators best suit your needs.  

And we ensure you get the report you want.  

Space Manager reporting can be configured and customized however you want it, using the built-in Report Builder. It means you get a complete overview of individual units or the whole company.  

Reports on customers, contracts or units can be saved or exported as a myriad of file types, such as PDF, XLS etc., or posted to an internal intranet and shared. And with fast feedback of this calibre, you can make a quick tactical response, or devise a longer term strategic decision.  

[Text Box: visual of example report]


Software integration

Space Manager has an unparalleled ability to integrate with other software.  

It’s right at home with the majority of popular access systems and accounting packages, with integration fitting like a glove.  

We can even integrate with European Banking Systems, whether you are sending requests for payment or receiving information about payments that have already been made. So you can be sure of a seamless process, and genuine operational efficiency.  

That’s why the best-run storage businesses run Space Manager.  


Communicating with Customers

Talking regularly to customers pays.  

Space Manager records every interaction and transaction, helping you profile your customer base. And our integrated marketing tools enable you to harness all that customer insight – and better targeting means better return on investment. The system makes it so simple to promote your business. Document templates like Satisfaction Questionnaires are right at your fingertips, and it’s a matter of moments to include logos and other graphics to personalise printed documents or postal or fax mail shots.  

Space Manager makes your customers lives easier too, with features like sms arrears reminders.  

The truth is, businesses that run Space Manager have closer, more personal relationships with their customers, both when they interact face-to-face on location, and in any marketing they choose to do. And that always reaps dividends.  


Excellent support

Designed in Europe, created in Europe, supported from Europe  

We believe our approach to support is refreshing. Judge for yourself.  

It’s based on two values:  

  1. An exceptional support service is not just desirable, it’s essential
  2. You will always talk directly with people who know

It’s that simple. We don’t restrict support depending on which package you have or how much you pay, or even what time-zone you’re in. We know how vital it is your software runs smoothly. We want you always to feel well-supported.  

We’ve evolved Space Manager over many years to be highly robust and resilient. We believe it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever need back-up. But if you should, we’re committed to solving any issues to your complete satisfaction.  

For us, the package isn’t complete without remarkable support.  

Click here if you want to call us for support right now.  


A life time solution

When you grow, Space Manager grows with you.  

No need to change management software or buy additional modules. Space Manager is one out-of-the-box solution designed to fit your business whatever size it is now, and whether you go multi-site or multi-national in the future.  

Our Windows-based platform makes configuration straightforward. And the more adventurous can take advantage of the XML scripting tool. High levels of customisation can be performed for procedures, functions, or even creating bespoke program components.  

Space Manager’s unmatched initial, and in-use, configurability means you choose how to make it work best for you.  

Tell Finance the good news – it’s all the management software you’ll ever need.  


With Space Manager, when it comes to what we want to see, it's very flexible. With other systems you have to fit in with them. We were using another product but it was limited so we migrated Space Manager across all our stores

Doug Perrins
Director and Co-Founder
Ready Steady Store