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What's different about Space Manager?

Being around a long time is a good thing. Being good at listening is even better.

Space Manager has been developed by listening - hard - to what our customers need. Not just at industry level, but at the rock face. We've researched the real, everyday needs of hands-on users. Heard the headaches and wish-lists. Then crafted a solution that works.

Space Manager is born from experience - yours, as well as ours.

Complete pricing & billing control

With Space Manager, you know where you stand with your business and your data.

For example, bill your customer in multiples of days, weeks or months.

It’s practical tools like these, developed over many years, that have enabled our clients to operate seamlessly, and focus on their customers and colleagues. We’re proud of the productivity improvements our clients have achieved – and the tangible success they report in developing customer and internal relations.

Discounts can be set as fixed rates or percentages. Discount periods can be pre-set to revert automatically (or to re-set if the customer breaks the contract).

Now you can really get a grip on pricing – accurately tailoring your rental increases to customer type, duration or usage.

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Extremely flexible, very user friendly, easy to understand and operate. It made the running of our operation extremely efficient. It is simple, straightforward and highly effective

Iyaz Hussein
Store Manager
Vauxhall Bondway