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What's different about Space Manager?

Being around a long time is a good thing. Being good at listening is even better.

Space Manager has been developed by listening - hard - to what our customers need. Not just at industry level, but at the rock face. We've researched the real, everyday needs of hands-on users. Heard the headaches and wish-lists. Then crafted a solution that works.

Space Manager is born from experience - yours, as well as ours.

Flexible reporting

It’s your data and your business. You decide which key performance indicators best suit your needs.

And we ensure you get the report you want.

Space Manager reporting can be configured and customized however you want it, using the built-in Report Builder. It means you get a complete overview of individual units or the whole company.

Reports on customers, contracts or units can be saved or exported as a myriad of file types, such as PDF, XLS etc., or posted to an internal intranet and shared. And with fast feedback of this calibre, you can make a quick tactical response, or devise a longer term strategic decision.

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One of the strengths of the reporting package is we can get better reports and make better management decisions.

Jimmy Gibson
Big Yellow