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French Vista Program Files Directory - Program Files or Programmes?

Hint Ref: 020803110008
Hint Date: 11/03/2008

Hint Details:

With a French installation of Vista, there can be some confusion over the fact that the Space Manager installation installs into the c:\Program Files directory, but when exploring the directory structure, only the directory c:\Programmes can be seen.


Note that both 'Program Files' and 'Programmes' are the same location and which one is used will depend on how you are doing the browsing.

Also note that in some Vista installations, the location C:\Program Files\Spaceman32 can sometimes be redirected to c:\users\<userName>\AppData\VirtualStore\Program Files\Spaceman32.

This is not a good idea if Space Manager is to be run by multiple users.  To run Space Manager from the usual directory location, Right Click on the Icon for the program or it's shortcut and go to Properties. On the Compatibility tab at the bottom is a check box to select to Run as Administrator. There is also an option at the top to run it in a mode from a prior operating system. If issues continue to be experienced, try setting this to XP service pack 2 mode.