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Subquery cannot return more than one row error (in the program)

Hint Ref: 020609140003
Hint Date: 14/09/2006

Hint Details:

Log all SQL commands on the database server:


1). complete the process up to the point where the next action (button click etc.) causes the error to appear on screen.

2). Connect to the database via an ISQL window and enter the following commands:

call sa_server_option ('request_level_log_file', 'c:\\temp\\SQLStuff.txt' );

Note: the double back-slashes
Note: the path and file name are relative to the server and the path must exist.

call sa_server_option ('request_level_logging', 'SQL' );

3). Complete the process in the program and accept the error.

4). in ISQL run the following command:

call sa_server_option ('request_level_logging', 'NONE' );

5). View the log file (easiest to search for 'Subquery cannot') to see what the SQL was that caused the error.