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Windows Firewall is blocking Space Manager connecting to the server

Hint Ref: 020706180002
Hint Date: 18/06/2007

Hint Details:

PROBLEM:  A workstation on the local LAN cannot connect to the Space Manager server. An ODBC test connection says the database server is not running.  


If you disable the firewall on the server, the workstation connects OK.

SOLUTION: On the server, go to the firewall settings and ADD and new program. Browse to the DBSRV10 or DBSRV8 (which ever is appropriate) that the database server service is actually using. Then add it to the exceptions list.

REMEBER: To find out which EXE the service is actually using, load Sybase Central and select the SQL Anywhere SERVICES tab.  Right_click the service name and choose 'Properties'. Then go to the 'Configuration' Tab and the path and EXE to use is in the 'File Name' field.