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DBUpdate fails; Trigger conflicts with existing Triggers

Hint Ref: 021206220007
Hint Date: 22/06/2012

Hint Details:

PROBLEM: Whilst trying to update a Space Manager database (DBUpdate), the update process failed with the following error:


'Trigger definition conflicts with existing triggers'


The name of the Trigger did not already exist in the database so the DBUpdate was trying to add it as new.

The trigger was a 'before update' trigger and its order number was 1.

However, there already existed a bespoke a 'before update' trigger on the same table with an order number of 1.


The pre-existing 'before update' Trigger on the same table was manually changed to order 2, via Sybase Central, and the DBUpdate then completed successfully.

NOTE: The Order Number determines the order in which the Triggers are executed and no two Triggers of the same type ('before update', 'after insert' etc.) can have the same Order Number.