XML Job gives Load Error but appears OK

Hint Ref: 021207120004
Hint Date: 12/07/2012

Hint Details:



A client reported that an XML job was no longer running, but instead displayed a 'Load Error'.

Whilst the job refused to open in an XML editor which also validated the job, after opening the Job in Notepad and working through each line of the code by eye, nothing obviously wrong could be found.


In an effort to locate the problematic code, sections of the Job were systematically removed and after each the file was test loaded into the editor. However, even when the job only contained the <Job> tag, it still refused to open in the editor.

It thus became apparent that the file must contain character codes which were not compatible with XML and also not displayed as characters in Notepad.


The solution was to open the XML Job in Notepad and to select and copy the entire text. A new, file was then created in the XML editor and the default 'Source View' text was replaced by pasting in the copied text.

The XML file was then saved, replacing the original XML file and when the client tried to run this new file, it worked successfully.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It was determined that the client had made changes to the XML Job in Notepad but saved the job in Unicode. It is important to make sure that the XML Job is saved in plain text. However, a much better method is to use an editor that is fully XML aware, such as 'Exml.exe' (which is available by contacting Support), as this should also validate the XML job to ensure it will load without error.