Count Number Of Licences In Use
FireDAC error 310 Cannot execute command returning result sets
FireDAC error Not Enough values for host variables - running XML job
IdentifyPort Being Used By Database Service
Selecting from a Select; removing the need for temporary tables
Avtalegiro OCRGiro Table Results Codes
How to get the earliest Startdate for unit that may have been transferred.
SQL Anywhere ODBC Driver Not Listed in System DSN
Command Line all-in-one DB unload and reload
I/O Error 53
Neat IQX way to deal with SQL Divide by Zero errors
How do I archive or hide a site which is no longer in use?
I/O Error 161 when running XML job
XML Job gave 'Load Error' for no obvious reason
How to check a directory exists from an XML Job
XML Jobs outputting decimals; when is it a 'comma' and when a 'dot'?
How to set up Report Builder to print a second page when processing invoices
Data Structure Corrupted
Document Adjustment Function does not add VAT
XML Job gives Load Error but appears OK
DBUpdate fails; Trigger conflicts with existing Triggers
How to get Group totals as a percentage of Report Totals
Cannot make contract for a Unit - always displays error 'Nothing Selected'
A DB Procedure with a Cursor Loop Seems to take forever to complete
Report seems to ignore report ORDER BY
How to find out the Tables a column name appears in
Loading the SM Customer, Contract or Unit Enquiry Forms from an XML Job
How to print a stripy background on a report or template
Job Runner <If> comparison sometime gives strange results.
Dates in SM are American, Regional Settigns are UK
A service transferred from XP to Win 7 Will not start
Managing Attachments Using Job Runner
Characters with accents are missing when interfacing with a French SMS system
Map unit number shortcut
ODBC simply will not connect/see to DB Server even though it is running
Buttons and Text do not fit in their windows - running SM on Windows 7
Using Variables in Job Runner XML
A User can no longer write report to a Shared Directory
PDF's created in SM report an error when opened or printed
Getting a XML job to wait for a spawned XML job to complete
Adding JPG Picture to a RTM causes an Access Violation
Select FIRST vs Select TOP
Dutch Clieop03 DD file would not upload to Bank
JOB RUNNER - Getting the Job name from within the job itself
Send HTML Mailers in Space Manager
Using !Job in a WoodPecker Script can causes Space Manager to appear to hang
How to select the PDF distiller when writing a report to PDF
SQL Error 'Column XXX does not exists' running DB Procedure
Dealing with 'Deadlocks'
Percent Calculation Returns 0 Dividing Numbers
The contact telephone numbers have disappeared from 'Help - About Space Manager'
Cannot Write To Engine Configuration File - BDE
DateDiff function does not return the correct number of weeks
Installing Chilkat 64 bit
Space Manager immediately crashed after entering login details
Cannot put non-UK characters in an XML script
Template print to PDF, opening PDF file shows 'invalid token' or similar error
Probelm with Column Heading in Customer Select Choices
Invalid characters in XML writeln statements
SQL Error Column 'Inposting' not found
Blank Parameters and File Name when viewing Sybase8 Service on 64Bit Server
Order by - numeric order
How to tell in the Headline Function if the Customer Record is new.
qkeypadzones: Field 'keypadzoneid' not found
Resource Governor for Prepared Statement Exceeded
Using Net Stop/Start in 64 bit Windows 2008 - Error 5
Select FIRST to get a particular record in a query
Sybase Server - Dynamic Cache Sizing and VMWare
Where do the Item Comments go on Misc Charge or Credit?
How to use the 'Area' Parameter in a subsequent Parameter on a Report
'Unknown Error' trying to add new SM service in Windows 2007 Server
Cannot Start DB when upgrading from Sybase 8 to 10
Error in XML Script causes Space Manager to crash or hang
Reconciled Receipts do not appear on the Reconciled Bank Account Management TAB
Polish Characters Won't Save in Space Manager
Error running a report on one PC only
Reports exported to Excel cuts of first '0' of any result starting with 0
I/O Error 32
Cannot Log into Space Manager on x64 bit PC
How to send a Customer Addresses to the Clipboard
How to make the Customer Headline flash
Mail Merge fields show as {DOCVARIABLE...\ * MERGEFORMAT}
Selecting the Desktop Button Hangs Space Manager
Out of Disk Space Error
Showing a ú instead of £ on ledgeritem descriptions
Assertion Failure starting Space Manager after Sybase SQL V10 Upgrade
Printing from Space Manager causes Windows Print Spooler SPOOLSV.EXE to terminate
"User Not Found" when e-mailing through SM in Groupwise
Miscellaneous Sale on New Contract displays wrong Ledger Item on Invoice
Leading space found on Customer Name when adding a new customer
Bank Tally Transactions not showing
Reservation has 2 Access Records
Serious Error No Primary Key for Foreign Key Unit in table Accountlink
Error: Screen printer does not support printing.
A report seems to ignore parameters passed to it by an XML job
Access to RADical On-line Support
Resetting the Scheduler Doesn't Stop The 5 Minute Logoff Message
Restrictions on UK BACS Transaction References
Vista's VirtualStore is not under AppData, where is it?
Contract Automatic Invoice was blank but it can be created manually.
Cannot change the SM Databae File under Vista
French Vista Program Files Directory - Program Files or Programmes?
Customer Select window column headers are not displaying correctly.
User has forgotten their password
Can I Export Reports to Excel/PDF/HTML
Accessing 32 Bit ODBCs and Drivers in Windows x64
How to Unload and Reload a Space Manager Database
Data field Lists appear blank when printing reports or templates in V2.
DBTitle error when running new Space Manager version for first time
Is there a way to order the users that appear in the grid on the Desktop Diary?
Using Separate Credit Note Numbers and Reservation Deposit Invoices
Cannot clear the error if an XML job fails
Running Debug in Job Runner
Error - Cannot write to rbuilder.ini
Cannot open RBuilder.ini file
Running exe closes down program
Cannot print to new printer from Space Manager
Installing StorLogix to Space Manager interface
New Report Builder appears to hang when you select 'File' and 'Open' or 'Save'
IQacCurrency Error doing DOS to Windows SM Conversion
Diary Scrolling and Bank Tally Appear to Hang Space Manager
Creating Alarm.alm file
MS Word: Addresses do not format correctly in a table
How to automatically include the current date in a batch created file
PTI is adding extra 0's into room numbers on access send
Database Backup Works But The Database is Invalid (V2)
How to Call the Unvacate Database Proceedure
Read the Sybase Console Messages using GetPropertiesText()
Cannot backup to a Network location using a Database Event
To check the installed DBSRV licensed user count
Floating point division by zero error opening reports to print or build
How to set up a new Database User (eg webuser)
Using DB EVENTS to backup a database server
If a second Bank Account has been created but is not appearing
Displaying German Characters in Space Manager V2
How to merge sites in Space Manager V2
Windows Firewall is blocking Space Manager connecting to the server
Report Showing Spurious Data for 0 SQFt Rooms
User has security restrictions not set on their profile
REPORTS: To use one parameter within the combo selection of a subsequent parameter
Space Manager is VERY slow when starting up or changing Custom Settings screens
Custom Word Fields
Sybase Connection Terminates in Terminal Services Session
Updating primary key fields whilst maintaining referential integrity
Printing a Templates/Report Closes a Terminal Services Session
Creating a Daily Copy to Demo on a Server Install
corrupt strings on template prints in V2 under sybase 8
Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window - when doing misc credit
Setting up emailing Invoices
Setting up photos on Customer Accounts using a USB WebCam
Unable to Change Setting for Access on Contract file not found when loading MS Word
A Sybase database service will not autostart
Starting Database service with no log file
One of two Database Services on Same Server will not connect
Subquery cannot return more than one row when finishing new rental, reservation or vacation
Subquery cannot return more than one row error (in the program)
No Invoice or Credit Note or Late References on Upgrading to V2
I/O Error 123
Cyrillic Characters Not Showing Correctly on Reports
SM Database Service will not start after Windows Server 2003 update
Entering Cyrillic (Russian) characters into Space Manager
Storelogix Interface Settings - Document Under Attachments
Enquiry Status Note Reseting from Vacated to Has A Contract
JPG Error #52
Unit Number Already Exists Error on updating a unit in a Rent Plus Convert Database
REPORTS: 2.To pass a value from a SubReport back to the Main Report
ERROR: "Call was rejected by Callee" error on Mail Merge
ERROR: "incorrect database, username or pasword message" when all is OK
REPORTS: 1.To pass a value from a SubReport back to the Main Report
Problem: address fulfilment from postcode sometimes works and others does not
REPORTS: To get %amount of SUM(amount) on the detail line
To get Spanish accents in SM
HP1100/HP1200: Document printing stops after a few docs after sending documents to print
SM hangs after Symantec Corporate Antivirus V10 install
Canvas Drawing Error when trying to print
Expanding Customer/Contract/Unit causes Spaceman to hang
Space Manager HTML Emails
GDPR - How to remove personal data from your customers profile using a date range
GDPR - How to remove personal data from a single customers profile
Create a custom shape on the map in Space Manager
End of Life Software
Unit / Sizecode Price Increase