Meet Space Manager.

Could there be a tougher test for a software system than the storage industry? Our guess is not. Change is constant. Versatility essential. And scope for growth… a must.

Self Storage software

Since 1992, RADical Systems has provided industry leading software for the UK and wider European Self Storage Industries. During that time we have built a reputation as a self storage software provider that offers both a unique quality program and an exceptional service.

Our team are highly experienced and have the knowledge and expertise to help you use our self storage software to make a real, positive impact on your business. We understand how fast technology changes, which is why we constantly monitor and research more efficient and effective processes that can be used to make our software even better. This helps ensure that the software we provide makes the most of modern technology and so offers you a cost effective, reliable way to streamline your business processes and maximise efficiency. Our software is all about helping you offer your customers the best possible Self Storage experience.

Big Yellow Storage

RADical have a very good grasp of the storage industry and the software you need to optimise the business

Jimmy Gibson, CEO Big Yellow

Our self storage management software, Space Manager, is a favourite of the self storage industry all over europe and beyond. Installed in over 21 countries, we have a reputation we are proud of. Space Manager provides your business with a host of benefits, offering you processes that are proven to effectively optimise your business. Years of research and development has been put into our software and we constantly listen to the everyday needs of our users to help us create a solution that is right not only now, but in the future.

The brilliant thing about Space Manager is that is it adaptable to businesses of all sizes. This makes Space Manager a perfect solution for growing businesses, as unlike other self storage software solutions, there is no need to purchase any additional unit or customer capacity or change to a different software provider as you grow. Only the Direct Debit module and real-time web site integration are offered as an extra items. Space Manager is a one stop solution that adapts to your business needs.

We pride ourselves on the level of ongoing support we offer our customers, and are committed to making a quality service an integral part of the Space Manager package. The size of the package you purchase is irrelevant, all of our customers receive ongoing support of the highest quality, ensuring you are always speaking with people that know our software and how to get the most out of it. Our team of experts are on hand to ensure that any issues that you have are solved to your complete satisfaction, you can feel assured that with RADical Systems you will feel well supported at all times.