Frequently Asked Questions

I am getting a message saying that "BACS is locked"?

BACS module is probably open on another users Space Manager session. Ask them to close it, or, if you are sure it is not open, then simply go to "APS">"Unlock Sites">select the relevant line and click "Unblock".


I am getting a message saying "Too many users logged in" when trying to log into Space Manager?

All licences are in use. Ask a colleague to log off.


I am getting a message saying "Log In date is XX/XX/XXXX. Continue?" when trying to log into Space Manager?

You can't run the start-up routines as at least one user is recorded as still logged in as of the previous date. Click "Yes" to the message above and then go to "Maintenance">"Users Logged On" and disconnect the relevant user/s. Then restart Space Manager and you will be able to run start-up routines.


I am getting a message saying "Bank Tally Already Open" when trying to open/print the bank tally?

Check that it is not open in the background or on another machine. If not check a colleague hasn't got it open and if not, simply go to "Settings">"Reset Bank Tally Flag">Choose the relevant site and click “Reset”


I am getting a message saying "Contract is already being vacated by another user" when trying to vacate a contract?

Check yourself or a colleague hasn't got the vacate window open and if not, simply open the contract window of the contract in question and then go to "Support">"Reset Vacate Flag" and confirm with "Yes"


What are the requirements for installing Space Manager on a new client PC?

Space Manager does require installation on a new PC. Just placing a shortcut to the program on the desktop will not work. We can supply you with the installation instructions to walk you through the install so just ask. If you would prefer us to do it for you we make a nominal setup charge of £52.50 + VAT for each new PC.


What Access Control Providers do you integrate with?

This is the list of some of the access providers we integrate with as standard:

However, we also interface with many other Access Providers and can make bespoke integrations to most systems providing there is a suitable API available. Just contact RADical Support for more information.


How to disconnect unused sessions in Space Manager?

User sessions can be terminated if it is felt that the user is no longer using that session. This is done in “Maintenance – Users Logged on” by selecting the sessions and choosing to “Disconnect” them. If no one is currently logged in please call RADical Systems.


What to do when my username and password is wrong?

Check that you are not using your Windows login details as your Windows username is filled in as your Space Manager username by default.

If you are sure that you cannot remember your details please ask a colleague with sufficient rights to go to 'Maintenance - Users' to check your username.

If your username is correct and that colleague has the rights to do so, then they can double-click on your username and then click on reset password.

This will blank your password so the next time you log in, you will not need one. To set a new one click on 'File' in the top left of Space Manager and then on 'Change Password'

If you do not have a colleague who can do the above please contact RADical Systems. Please note we may require authorisation from a manager or authorised person to reset your password.


How do I add or remove a new security right to a Security Profile?

To change security rights, go to 'Settings - Security Profiles'. Choose the profile you would like to edit by double-clicking on it. You will be shown a screen with the rights the security profile already has on the left and the ones it doesn't on the right. 

To add new rights simply highlight the desired right and click 'Add'.

To remove rights simply highlight the desired right and click 'Remove'.


How do I stop invoices being produced for a contract?

Within the contract change the Invoice Lead Days. Blank this field by selecting the current lead days and pressing the "Delete" key.


How do I stop late charges being produced for a contract?

Set the grace days on the contract to be 999 which effectively means the customer needs to be almost 3 years late to receive a late charge or change the late status of all the items on the contract to be the same as the maximum number of letters. The maximum number of letters can be checked in SETTINGS>CUSTOM SETTINGS>Late Letters>Number of Letters. Double click, (or right click and choose Edit), on each contract item and set the late status to this maximum number of letters. This indicates to Space Manager that it has already produced all late latter required.