Real Time Support

Our real-time web-based software support system allows us, with your permission, to remotely control your computer. We can see what you see and our keyboard and mouse become duplicates of your own. It is just like being there with you, every step of the way.

Call 01483 238730

It is very important that you call us first, before clicking the button below. This will ensure that a Support Agent is available and awaiting your connection.

Click the start remote support button

Once you have a Support Agent on the line they will instruct you to click the button below. Once selected you will be asked if you wish to open, run or save a file. If possible choose to Open or Run it, otherwise save it to a location where you can find it, (ideally your desktop), then open it.

When it has opened you will see a user id and password. Please give these to your Support Agent who will then be able to connect remotely to your computer in order to help you with your query.

Start Remote Support