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What's different about Space Manager?

Being around a long time is a good thing. Being good at listening is even better.

Space Manager has been developed by listening - hard - to what our customers need. Not just at industry level, but at the rock face. We've researched the real, everyday needs of hands-on users. Heard the headaches and wish-lists. Then crafted a solution that works.

Space Manager is born from experience - yours, as well as ours.

A lifetime solution

When you grow, Space Manager grows with you.

No need to change management software or buy additional modules. Space Manager is one out-of-the-box solution designed to fit your business whatever size it is now, and whether you go multi-site or multi-national in the future.

Our Windows-based platform makes configuration straightforward. And the more adventurous can take advantage of the XML scripting tool. High levels of customisation can be performed for procedures, functions, or even creating bespoke program components.

Space Manager’s unmatched initial, and in-use, configurability means you choose how to make it work best for you.

Tell Finance the good news – it’s all the management software you’ll ever need.

A Lifetime Solution