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What's different about Space Manager?

Being around a long time is a good thing. Being good at listening is even better.

Space Manager has been developed by listening - hard - to what our customers need. Not just at industry level, but at the rock face. We've researched the real, everyday needs of hands-on users. Heard the headaches and wish-lists. Then crafted a solution that works.

Space Manager is born from experience - yours, as well as ours.

Integrated reservations system

Space Manager makes reservations simple for your customer.

It equips your website with the ability to show in real time information on unit availability, unit details such as: size, pricing, location mapping, promotional discounts and deals.

Full integration enables on-line reservation and credit card deposits.

Sales pack materials can be pre-ordered, saving staff valuable time.

Once reserved, from end to end, Space Manager keeps your customer records in one place, making it easy to search and classify them.

Pictures from webcams, letters, notes and other scans are all attached as part of the record, giving you a simple single source.

What’s more, you can integrate customer records with the calendar, so appointments and diary items can be collected and accessed at a stroke.

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With Space Manager, when it comes to what we want to see, it's very flexible. With other systems you have to fit in with them. We were using another product but it was limited so we migrated Space Manager across all our stores

Doug Perrins
Director and Co-Founder
Ready Steady Store