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What's different about Space Manager?

Being around a long time is a good thing. Being good at listening is even better.

Space Manager has been developed by listening - hard - to what our customers need. Not just at industry level, but at the rock face. We've researched the real, everyday needs of hands-on users. Heard the headaches and wish-lists. Then crafted a solution that works.

Space Manager is born from experience - yours, as well as ours.

Multiple site management

Space Manager wants to help your business grow, so we don’t believe in restricting the number of sites you can manage.

Space Manager allows you to link multiple sites into a single, fully-integrated, centrally-managed system, helping you maximise efficiency while improving the service you can offer your customers.

Generate calendars or reports either for each site or for the entire organisation.

And whether it’s invoice printing or BACS processing, you can keep costs right down and free up your staff to build the business.

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Multiple Site Management Multiple Site Management