29 Mar 2018

Space Manager Payment Programme Integration

Space Manager is a space management and sales accounting program that has the ability to integrate with various leading payment programmes.

We understand the real, everyday needs of self storage facility owners, heard the headaches and wish-lists, then crafted a software solution that works.

Payment Programmes Integration

Space Manager integrates with payment programmes to ensure you can run your day to day tasks on one programme including invoices, credits, payments, and refunds.

If we don't integrate with a provider you use, don't worry, our software includes a scripting tool purpose-built to allow easy interfacing with 3rd party programs or services. Current integrations include (but is not limited to) …

  • Go Cardless (UK)
  • Smart Debit (UK)
  • PaySafe
  • Stripe

Here are some programme features when integrated with Space Manager: -

Financial Reporting

Space Manager delivers reports for not only single but also multi-storage facilities. Our self storage software delivers robust standard and bespoke financial reports. This is a small sample of the 300+ standard reports available in Space Manager on top of those that can be produced yourself using the included report writing module…

Account Balances

Cash Received Breakdown

Full Cash Transaction List

Sales Ledger Analysis

Sales Stock Control

Security Deposits

VAT Report

Using our reporting tool, you can gain an overview of the trends and patterns in your sales, therefore make better decisions to grow your business.


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