01 Nov 2018

15 Years of Website Integration

We would like to clarify that we have been providing website integration for almost 15 years and have numerous customers using it.  We were very disappointed to hear the rumours at the FEDESSA show in Paris from competitors implying something very different!

Our customers are already using web integration to...

  • Receive new enquiries directly into Space Manager
  • Allow customers to manage their accounts online
  • Reserve and rent units online
  • Make payments online
  • to name but a few...

These features and much more of Space Manager's current functionality is available to be integrated into websites using our real-time Web API. Please remember this is already available in your version of Space Manager.

Along with many of our customers Big Yellow, Space Station, and Storage King use and add value with Space Manager website integration. 


"We have been able to add value to the Space Manager platform by making it do, essentially, anything we wanted to do. When we wanted to integrate with the website we approached RADical Systems, they helped us and we were able to implement live quotation, live preservation feeding prospects and reservation straight back into the system, ready for the store to deal with customers straight away.”

James Gibson - Chief Operating Officer, Big Yellow

"Space Manager is able to integrate with our website using real-time API, this means that we can track a customer enquiry through our website, from the beginning right the way through to the end transaction.”

Dave Smedley - Operations Manager, Space Station

"Space Manager links directly to our website so we can get real-time prices to our customers. Customers have the ability to reserve online or purchase packaging materials or shredding services from us.”

Terry Doman - Operations Manager, Storage King


If you are interested in integrating your website with Space Manager then please contact us on

+44(0)1483 238730 /


Space Manager Website Integration  Space Manager Website Integration  Space Manager Website Integration