23 May 2020

Remotely Sign Contracts using Signable via Space Manager

We understand the real, everyday needs of self storage facility owners, heard the headaches and wish-lists, then crafted a software solution that works. One of the features we find more integral than ever now is the electronic signature feature.

We have produced an integration with the electronic signature software provider Signable. This application program interface allows Space Manager to send directly to Signable, ensuring contracts are signed electronically, and once they are signed, it imports the signed document in a PDF format into Space Manager.

Here is an example of what your customer will see...

Space Manager e signature

How does this feature work?

    1. The first step is creating contracts in Space Manager
    2. The customer receives an email asking them to sign the document
    3. The customer signs
    4. Space Manager will then import the signed PDF into its database as an attachment on the contract window