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Cannot change the SM Databae File under Vista

Hint Ref: 020803110007
Hint Date: 11/03/2008

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A client has an installation of Space Manager under Vista and wanted to restore a previous backup of their SPACEMAN.DB and Log files.  They restored these files to C:\Program Files\Spaceman32\Database, but when they ran Space Manager they still had the original database.

The customer checked to make sure that the Spaceman ODBC was pointing correctly to C:\Program Files\Spaceman32\Database\Spaceman,db.


Now that Vista no longer lets you write files to the "Program Files" directory (after the initial install) , the new Vista security design feature (aka the newly introduced MS redirecting driver) now takes the files that were going to the "Program Files\ myApp\" directory and redirects them to the users local profile into a "Virtual Store" directory  "c:\users\<userName>\AppData\VirtualStore\Program Files\myApp\".


Right Click on the Icon for the program or it's shortcut and go to Properties. On the Compatibility tab at the bottom is a check box to select to Run as Administrator. There is also an option at the top to run it in a mode from a prior operating system. If issues continue to be experienced, try setting this to XP service pack 2 mode.