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Document Adjustment Function does not add VAT

Hint Ref: 021209040007
Hint Date: 04/09/2012

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A customer was using the Document Adjustment Function to add extra lines to an invoice. These extra lines were supposed to have VAT on them as the function should have been passing both the correct VAT Code and VAT Rate to use.

However, the VAT amount on the extra lines was always ZERO.

The returned SELECT statement, in the function, was checked and the fields relating to VAT Code and Vat Rate were found to have the correct VAT Code and VAT Rate in them.  


The issue was found to be that the LedgerItem Code being passed by the SELECT statement, being run as the return from the Function, was not itself set as VAT-able (i.e. it was set up to use a VAT Rate of 0%).  Ordinarily, this would not have been important but for the way that this user's Custom Settings were set.

In this user's settings, they had the Accounts Custom Setting 'UK VAT' set to NO, which meant that the option on the Ledger Item's configuration form 'Always Use LedgerItem VAT Rate' was visible, and was, in this case, ENABLED.

This meant that the passed VAT Rate of 20% was ignored and the Ledger Item's VAT Rate of 0% was used instead.


The solution was simply to un-tick the 'Always Use LedgerItem VAT Rate' on the LedgerItem's configuration form.