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Entering Cyrillic (Russian) characters into Space Manager

Hint Ref: 020608170002
Hint Date: 17/08/2006

Hint Details:

***For V2 (i.e. Sybase 8)***
Sybase 8 turns on character translation by default so the database must be started with a -ct switch exactly as below with no spaces:


This turns off the translation and allows cyrillic to be entered.

For a NON-Russian version of Space Manager (ie not SpacemanRU.EXE)

1. Install a Russian Keyboard layout in windows
2. copy the file Spaceman.RU from 'L:\SM4WIN\spaceman for translators' into the same location as Spaceman.exe
3. change the Windows regional settings to 'Russian'
change between the Russina and English Keyboard layouts using the keyboard icon in the windows system tray.

Suggested other options:

Copying and pasting text into SM/Report Builder can be problematic. The below is required:

In BDEADMIN.EXE, (c:\program files\Borland\Common Files\BDE), go to the configuration TAB.
Now choose Native and then choose Paradox. Set the laguage driver to be Pdox ANSI Cyrillid
Choose the ODBC Option and set the languae driver for box SQL Server and Adaptive Server Anywhere to Pdox ANSI Cyrillic
Now open the Control Panel and open Regional and Language Options. The standard option can be left as English (United Kingdom). Go to the Avanced TAB and change the language to match the laguage version on non-unicode programs to be Russian.

That should allow all functionality.