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ERROR: "Call was rejected by Callee" error on Mail Merge

Hint Ref: 020602231703
Hint Date: 23/02/2006

Hint Details:

ERROR: When mail merging word documents in Space Manager the error "Call was rejected by Callee" was displayed after an error "The selected margins are outside the printable area, continue?"
When the user selected OK, the print did not continue passed the first page, as they would have expected.


CAUSE: In a mail merge environment, MS Word is loaded inside Space Manager and data is passed from Space Manager to Word as each page is requested. Even though the Word error indicates that the process can continue, the "Call was rejected by Callee" error was caused by the fact that Word stopped accepting data from Space Manager due to an error and that therefore the process has halted.

RESOLUTION: The user corrected the margins in the MS Word document and then printed all pages successfully.