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ERROR: "incorrect database, username or pasword message" when all is OK

Hint Ref: 020602201511
Hint Date: 20/02/2006

Hint Details:

A situation to watch out for:
Two Sybase ASA services running on the server, both set to start
automatically; one was the live system, the other a test/demo facility.
When the server was restarted the demo one managed to get going first, so
took the default TCPIP port - 2638. The live server took an alternative
Users on the LAN had no problems as they were connecting by Server name.
WAN users got the "incorrect database, username or pasword message". They
were configured to connect by IP address and port, so they were connecting
to the wrong server and then (luckily) not finding a database of the correct
name. (In this situation it seems that the client takes NO ACCOUNT OF THE
SERVER NAME, it relies on the IP address, port number and database name).
The answer in this situation is either
A) make the demo server a manual start so it will always start second
B)(better) specify the port to use on each service using the TCPIP parameter


-x tcpip(port=2638)
-x tcpip(port=49152)

(49152 seems to be the next port that the server tries when left to its own