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Error running a report on one PC only

Hint Ref: 020905070003
Hint Date: 07/05/2009

Hint Details:



A client reported that whenever they attempted to run a specific report on one PC in a multi-user system they received the following error:

Error reading ppReport2.EmailSettings.ReportFormat: Property EmailSettings does not exist.

It did not matter which user was logged in. They were running Spaceman.exe version


This error typically appears when a report written in Version 2 of ReportBuilder is being run from a Space Manager EXE using Version 1 of ReportBuilder.

The PC in question was found to be running Spaceman.exe version

Please Note: It is critical that all computers running Space Manager are using the same version of the EXE as the database.  The program version can be checked for all logged in users by selecting the 'Users Logged On' option from the 'Maintenance' menu.

Later versions of the EXE include a version check to make sure that the EXE version is the same as the Database version and thus reduce the likelihood of this problem occurring. However, please note that this check can be disabled in the Custom Settings.