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How to make the Customer Headline flash

Hint Ref: 020812050001
Hint Date: 05/12/2008

Hint Details:

From Space Manager Version onwards, it is possible to make any message displayed on the Customer headline flash.


To make a message flash, just make sure that the first character in the message string, returned by the Customer Headline Function, is a hash (#).

In the following example, any Customer Contacts of Type 'HL' will be displayed on the Customer Headline providing that the Outcome does not contain the word 'REMOVE'.  If this Customer Headline message contains the word 'WARNING' then it will also flash:

(in recordid char(20))
returns long varchar
 declare rv long varchar;
 declare ld integer;
 set rv=(select list(description) from contactevent where classcode = 'HL' and customerid = recordid and locate(upper(isnull(outcome,'')),'REMOVE') = 0);
 if locate(upper(rv),'WARNING') > 0 then
   set rv='#'+rv
 end if;