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How to send a Customer Addresses to the Clipboard

Hint Ref: 020901150015
Hint Date: 15/01/2009

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A customer wanted to be able to send a client's Invoice Address to the Clipboard so that it could be pasted into another program.


It is possible to copy a customer's address directly from the 'Addresses' Tab on the Customer Enquiry Form, simply right click on the address and select the appropriate option from the menu. However this method does not put the line breaks in automatically and whilst this can, in most cases, be done manually, where the user does not have this opportunity in the receiving program, an alternative method needs to be found. A simple solution is to create an XML script that can be run from the 'Reports' tab which will ask the user which address should be copied to the clipboard.

The script then retrieves the selected address from the database, formats it as required and then passes it as a parameter to a command line utility which places it on the windows clipboard.

The XML Utility is called 'Customer Address to Clipboard.XML'

PLEASE NOTE: In the case of the XML script, the action of copying the address to the windows clipboard is actually performed by a 3rd party utility program. RADical Systems (UK) Limted has no knowledge of this utility program beyond its supposed usage syntax and cannot be held responsible for any consequences, however caused, as a result of using this or any other 3rd party program. It is the responsibility of the Space Manager user to confirm that any 3rd party program executed as a result of using this script is not a threat to their systems, or that of others, and that it does not contain a Virus, Trojan or other malicious code.