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How to set up a new Database User (eg webuser)

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Hint Date: 29/06/2007

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To set up a new restricted database user so that additional applications and services can connect (ie. Crystal Reports, Web Site integration):

1. connect to the database in Sybase Central
2. go to 'Users & Groups'
3. select 'Add User'
4. Enter a user name and password
5. On the 'Authorities' tab REMOVE ALL TICKS
6. On the 'Membership' tab, there should already be 'PUBLIC'
7. Grant permissions to either 'Tables', 'Views', or 'Procedures and functions'.

IMPORTANT 1): The user must NOT be made a member of the 'Spaceman' group.
IMPORTANT 2); In any queries, all tables, views or functions etc. MUST be referenced with their owner.

e.g  (assuming the user has appropriate rights)

Call WGetSiteDetails() - is INCORRECT
Call Spaceman.WGetSiteDetails() - is correct

Select * from site - is INCORRECT
Select * from - is correct