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IQacCurrency Error doing DOS to Windows SM Conversion

Hint Ref: 020709140004
Hint Date: 14/09/2007

Hint Details:

You are probably converting a European DOS database to windows and therefore the currency code is not set to UK.


Before running SMCONV;

Edit the original PARAMS2 file by loading DBASE

1. Open a command window and go to the directory containing the source DBF files.
2. run DBASE and then press 'Enter' and then 'Esc'  to get to the dot prompt.
3. type 'use params2' and press 'Enter'
4. type  'edit' and press 'Enter'
5. press the down cursor key until the cursor is in the SPARENUM1 filed.
6. If the filed contains a number greater than 1, then this is your problem. Edit the field to 0.00 - if it contains 1 or 0 then look elsewhere for the solution to your problem!
7. Hold down the 'ctrl' key and press the 'End' key.
8. at the dot prompt type 'Quit'

If after running SMCONV then change to the CONVERT subdirectory before running the above steps.

if DBASE will not run, add 'l:\applics\dbase' to your path statement by typing the following at the DOS prompt:

set path=%path%;l:\applics\dbase

and press 'Enter'.