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One of two Database Services on Same Server will not connect

Hint Ref: 020609290001
Hint Date: 29/09/2006

Hint Details:

By default, a Space Manager database service uses IP Port 2638. When 'Host=IP Address' is used as the Network ODBC setting, this port is used by default and does not need to need to be specified.


However, if a new database service is run, then as 2638 is in use, an alternative port number will be specified, and the basic 'Host=' parameter will not get a connection.  

The port the secondary service is using will be displayed in the Sybase Server Message screen and a connection can be made by using the host setting of

Host=<IP address>;ServerPort=<Port Number>

However, to ensure that if the service is stopped and restarted, a different port is not assigned, the required port can be specified within the service configuration using the -x TCIP command:

-x TCPIP(ServerPort=<Port Number>) - note no spaces.
e.g. -x TCPIP(ServerPort=49152)