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PTI is adding extra 0's into room numbers on access send

Hint Ref: 020707270001
Hint Date: 27/07/2007

Hint Details:

There is a bug in Storelogix 2.1 where when Storelogix receives the access file it pads the unit number out to 5 characters by adding leading zeros in front of the number portion of the unit i.e.


MB01 becomes MB001
A001 becomes A0001
0001 becomes 00001

This messes up the comms but is quite easy for us to fix for them. We just create an alarm.alm file from Space Manager that adds the extra zeros in. The issue is that because the extra zero is placed in front of the number portion which can be ata different position each time it will need manually adjusted each time. OK, so it could be done in the job but for the number we are looking at I think it is simpler to change them each time.