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The contact telephone numbers have disappeared from 'Help - About Space Manager'

Hint Ref: 021002220002
Hint Date: 22/02/2010

Hint Details:

In Space Manager Version and above you have the option to display an alternative text message instead of the contact numbers in 'About Space Manager' from the 'Help' menu.  This option was added to help Company Help Desks by allowing them to display a message referring users, who needed support, to them, rather than to RADical Systems.


The alternate text can be set up in the Custom Settings, General, 'Get Help Now Text'

This feature is enabled as a security right in the user's Security Profile (Settings - Security Profiles)

Tab: Rigths
Section: Menus
Selected right: Use Company 'Get Help Now' text.

If the right it granted (appears on the left list) then the alternate text will be seen.  Ensure the right is NOT granted (appears on the right list) in order to see the usual RADical Systems support contact information.