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User has security restrictions not set on their profile

Hint Ref: 020706060001
Hint Date: 06/06/2007

Hint Details:

Symptom: A user has one or more security restrictions, but the item is not excluded on their security profile


Solution: In fact the security profile item will not be on their included list either. Check the UserRights table for entries without a SORTORDER. If the security item does not have a SORTORDER it cannot be selected within a profile.  

Delete the table UserRights and do a DBUPDATE.  Security rights will then need to be added to each profile again.

(Please Note: This Procedure can be destructive and should only be used by Advanced Users.  RADical Systems (UK) Limited or its Partners cannot be held responsible, in anyway, for any consequence of using this or any other Database Function, Procedure or SQL command.  Responsibility resided solely with the user.  

However, it is highly recommended that a full and valid Space Manager database backup is taken and verified before making any changes to the database.)