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Using Separate Credit Note Numbers and Reservation Deposit Invoices

Hint Ref: 020801090016
Hint Date: 09/01/2008

Hint Details:

Separate Credit Note Numbers


1. Settings - Accounts - Document Templates
2. Change the Autonumber Type from LinkTemplate to SaveDoc
3. Set the Autonumber next to the desired invoice number
4. Replace Autonumber Prefix/Linked Template ID with the prefix required or leave it blank

Using Reservation Deposit Invoices

1. Settings - Accounts - Document Templates
2. Go to the last item in the list and press the down arrow cursor key. This should take you to a new line
3. The ID should follow the format XXResDep where XX is the site pin. All the items above this line in the list will start with this two digit code
4. The name should be XX Res Dep
5. The class is Invoice
6. The Descriptive Type is Reservation Invoice
7. The Ledger is SALES
8. Payment Ledger, Payment Account and Report File, Days to Pay should be blank
9. Autonumber Type is SaveDoc
10. Autonumber Next should be set to the desired next invoice number
11. Set the Autonumber Prefix as required
12. VAT Nominal should be set as the above items in the list depending
13. Settings - Custom Settings - Accounts
14. Set Use Reservation Deposit Invoices to YES

Resolved - Version 2.2.1....