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XML Job gave 'Load Error' for no obvious reason

Hint Ref: 021401150016
Hint Date: 15/01/2014

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Just like another hint in this knowledgebase, a customer reported a 'load error' when trying to run an XML job in Space Manager. However, in this case the XML WOULD open successfully in an Editor that also validated the XML. In every respect, the Job looked fine and none of the syntax checkers or validating editors reported an issue with the code.


It was suggested that the problem was too similar to the previous hint (in this case an XML editor refused to open the job) and therefore it may be that a character had got into the file that whilst not being displayed and also being acceptable to an XML syntax checker, was not accepted by an XML passer.


The solution was to follow exactly the same step as with the previous hint by opening the XML Job in Notepad, copying the entire file and pasting it into the 'Source View' of a blank new XML job with a XML Editor and then saving the file, replacing the original XML file.